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Work-Flow Integration

Remember what we said about using the right tool for the job?

Well, Vee-Hive is great at pulling all your content together and making it discoverable but sometimes you want to do something other than watch a file once you've located it. Perhaps you want to extract a scene, remove a soundtrack, create an animated GIF, or something else. And, quite probably, you have a set of prferred tools for these specialised tasks that you have, perhaps, invested your hard-earned money in.

Because this is appreciated, Vee-Hive has the ability to integrate with such programs via its configurable menu system. Pretty much all of these will support the ability to open a file and many more will provide the capability to perform some form of processing on a file via command line arguments.

Vee-Hive supports all of this via its menu customisation, providing you with an integrated work-flow for your video-related tasks. It even comes pre-bundled with some well-known and established freeware programs with example configurations to get you started...

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