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Discover the power that awaits you...

Powerful Tagging

Perform advanced Tagging, using hierarchies, links and synonyms. You can even tag parts (segments) of files!

Through it's built-in word-analysis algorithm, Vee-Hive will even make helpful suggestions based on the tags that are present on similar files.

'Natural' Searching

Vee-Hive is equipped with a unique approach to finding files using an iterative filtering method as a way of homing-in on the content that you seek.

This represents a departure from convention but provides a way of building complex searches in a way that is more in-line with natural thinking.

Efficient Work-Flows

Thanks to its tabbed interface, you can work with multiple sets of files at the same time.

And, because Vee-Hive can save your work-space, you can resume where you left-off at the end of a previous session.

Oh, and have we mentioned Tool-Set Integration, yet?


When you aren't bookish-ly classifying your videos, sometimes you want to sit back and actually enjoy watching them!

Vee-Hive has an HTPC mode for such occasions that retains all of the search  and classification power that you usually have at your finger-tips.​


Tool-Set Integration

Vee-Hive has a fully configurable menu system that makes it possible to work on your Libray's content with other applications that you have invested in.

Where such applications support command-line parameters, it is possible to perform complex operations on files without even leaving Vee-Hive.

...There's More!

  • Create attractive and modern Story Boards

  • Export all or part of your Library as a PDF file and share it

  • Password-protect your Libraries

  • Explore graphical analyses of your content

  • Re-sync Libraries with moved files

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