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The Power of Tagging, done right!

Pretty much all collection management software supports tagging but few, if any, do it as efficiently and intelligently as Vee-Hive...

This is because Vee-Hive's database design was conceived, from the ground-up, in recognition of the relationships that tags can (and do) have with other tags - and these relationships are not always hierarchical, either, which is often where the solution begins and ends in peer programs.


But not so in Vee-Hive. Vee-Hive provides the ability to relate tags from one hierarchy to those in another, in order to support the notion that tags can, themselves, have attributes and, more importantly, that those attributes can be other tags.

A very simple example of this is as follows: 'Muhammad Ali' might exist somewhere in a 'Persons'  hierarchy, 'Boxer'  might appear in a 'Professions'  hierarchy and 'American'  might appear in a 'Nationality'  hierarchy. By linking 'American'  and 'Boxer'  to 'Muhammad Ali'  (as Vee-Hive supports), then only the latter tag needs be added to a file, greatly reducing the effort needed to catalogue a collection.

Vee-Hive refers to this concept as 'tagging-your-tags' and it provides the following benefits


  • eliminates the need to re-tag files in response to changes in Category structures and hierarchies

  • minimises the amount of effort required to attach tags to files

  • minimises the amount of storage space required


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