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There are, perhaps, many of you that would like a nice organised video collection but who don't relish the time it may take to peform all the classification tasks that are required.

Vee-Hive's HTPC mode takes away a lot of the pain by allowing you to perform many such tasks from your armchair.

Whilst actually watching your media, you can


  • Rate files

  • Tag Files

  • Create Segments

Beside that, HTPC mode has a number of menus that correspond to its UI elements and those menus provide access to the following functionality

  • Apply and Remove Filters

  • Remove or Delete Files

  • Create and Remove Links

  • View Story Boards

  • ..and More

What's more, all of this can be done quite comfortably via a remote control (e.g. your smartphone handset) thanks to the built-in feature that predicts what you are typing, thereby minimising the amount of input required of you.

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