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Find exactly what you are looking for, using Vee-Hive's potent search capability

Vee-Hive is a powerful and flexible Video Collection Manager for Windows...
...and it's free!

If you've landed here, the chances are that your video collection has out-grown the limitations of the Windows file system: Media scattered across various folders on various disk drives and no hope of finding anything quickly.

Sure, you can get by, in much the same way that you could drive a nail into a piece of wood with a monkey-wrench if you put your mind to it. But isn't it better to have the right tool for the job?

Step forward, Vee-Hive...

Automatically generated tag suggestions


Tag your Files and Segments, creating thumbnail images for each.

Hierarchically organised tag structures


Arrange your Tags into flexible hierarchies, using Categories, Folders, Links and Synonyms.

...and Retrieve


By combining Library objects, you can build powerful filters, making it easy to find that certain file or scene.


my respect & congratulations for Vee-Hive! It is a tool I have been searching for years. Finally my several thousand video clips can be managed easily.

- W Krasowski

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