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Thoughts, musings and handy Vee-Hive hints and tips...

It's All About CTRL

Here's the first of a series of handy hints that I intend to publish over the coming weeks that will hopefully improve your experience when working with Vee-Hive.

This one is all about the CTRL key and how it can be used to modify certain default behaviours within the program's interface.

OK, so here we go...

For openers, you are probably all aware that InfoTips (those things that pop-up when you hover over a thumbnail), can be configured within Options to show either Tag information or a file's Description. Well, what you probably don't know is that if you press down the CTRL key whilst the mouse-pointer is hovered, you will get the opposite behaviour to your preferred setting.

Next up, the media player within the File Inspector: If you click on the Frame Advance button with CTRL held down, 'frame advance' becomes 'advance one second'. Comes in very handy, sometimes. Also applies to the Segment 'fine-tuning' A and B buttons: Even handier!

And here's another one: the default behaviour when dragging and dropping text onto a thumbnail, is to attach that text as the file's description. With CTRL pressed at the time of the drop, it will, instead, set the Title.

Finally, the Tag Cloud has a menu that allows you, good user, to determine the Categories that tags are displayed from. Sometimes, you may only wish to view the tags from a single category and it is somewhat time-consuming to de-select all the others. Never fear: A CTRL-click on the one you wish to keep will de-select all the others. Much faster!

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