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How refreshing!

I got asked the other day for an example of when the Browser's 'Auto-Refresh' feature is useful in Vee-Hive. I'll point that user to this blog post for the answer so that everybody can share in my, ahem, wisdom. I'll dive staright in with no further pre-amble... Suppose you have a Tag Category called 'Colour' and your intention is that all of your videos are to be assigned a Tag (Red, Blue, Green, etc.) from that Category. You've got a bit of time on your hands and you know this exercise is not complete (tut-tut!) so you've decided to set aside some time to address this. First-off, you'll want to find the files that have no 'Colour' Tag attached in order to assess the size of the task. Easy enough; you simply filter-out the 'Colour' Category from the entire Library. Now you are looking at all files that have no 'Colour' tag attached. Now it's time to turn-on 'Auto-Refresh' and see how it can be helpful for this particular exercise: As you begin to attach 'Colour' tags to the huge set of files that don't possess one, notice how they immediately disappear from view. It's like your 'to-do list' is shrinking before your eyes! Thanks, Auto-Refresh!

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